Advanced Java

I have been away from the Java programming language for almost the whole summer. There was an app I wanted to write. But I needed it to work quick. So I fell back to using C++. Now I want to get back into the Java swing of things (no pun intended). This week I signed up for a community college course on Advanced Java.

I was a little shocked by the price of the class. It rang up to around $800. That does not even cover the cost of the book. I thought community college was supposed ot be inexpensive. It might be worth it though. We are supposed to cover topics such as collections, multithreading, generics, database programming, network programming, and Java Server Pages. Dang. That's quite a list.

To get my Java skills back, I decided to read the first chapter from the class textbook. It is on recusion. The Java syntax for recursion is simple enough. Understanding the technique of generating a recursive algorithm to solve a problem is hard. With the new Java class coming up at the end of the month, I think I will be more chatty on my blog about Java points of interest.