Pacman Progress

I am nearing the end of my summer project. This is a clone of Pacman written in Java. I think I will stop implementing new features. Just clean up the code. Fix some bugs. Package the thing and call it a summer.

Recently I did a bad thing. I deleted all my Java files. I wanted to delete all my class files. That will teach me to try to compile from the command line. Damn. At least I had a backup that was a week or two old. It still irked me.

Some buggy object code had the game crashing when exceptions were thrown. Now we still need to hunt down the root cause of those bugs. However I managed to keep things running by validating parameters passed into my functions. Prevents evil access problems.

Next thing I might try to slip in there is better timing for the action in the game. Right now I just sleep a hard coded number of milliseconds based on how much processing I figured I expended to render a frame. However I really should just poll the clock to figure out how long to sleep.