Welcome to Java

I have spent the majority of my career on a single project. To stay aboard, I have moved from one company to another. This is a big government contract. After nearly 10 years, the daily challenges are still exciting.

When I first took the job, it was just what I was looking for. There were some Visual C++/MFC applications. The back end was the Oracle database that I wanted to learn. Things seemed great.

Somewhere in the last few years, the customer wanted to go to the web. This sparked all kinds of work to produce an enterprise edition rewrite of the system. That proved harder than it sounds.

Part of the rewrite was to migrate the client server applications to some Java on the back end. I was clueless on how to help this effort. Luckily it was a drastic failure and the upgrade got shelved. However it may come back from the grave. I need to be ready next time. It is now time to learn Java.