Disappointing Advice

This semester I am taking a web development class in school. We are learning HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). However next semester I shall take an advanced Java programming class. I thought I had better brush up on my Java programming since I had not done any since my intro to Java class.

I thought I could combine what I learned in web development with some Java code to produce a Content Management System (CMS). It would take user input and spit out a blog site in HTML. This seemed doable in a month or two if I kept the app simple.

Today I read an advice column from a developer claiming to be a veteran who was in the know. He started out by recommending that developers do not create CMS systems. Ooops. He went on to say that developers should not code in Java. Ouch. That was the double whammy.

The reasons for this advice were twofold. First there are too many existing CMS solutions on the market. Second he said users just don't use Java apps. Well that might make sense if I was trying to start up a business with my product. But I am just trying to write a throw away app to gain some experience. So I think I am okay with my idea. It just won't turn into some money making opportunity. Or will it?