JDBC to the Rescue

I just read a chapter on the JDBC. This allows me to access databases from my Java code. Now I have the power to write CRUD apps. Yeah. So far I have written some code that uses Statements to do basic querying. I have also delved into PreparedStatements to insert and update.

To test out and play with this capability, I downloaded and installed the latest MySQL database. It is taking a while to get used to MySQL database administration. I also got MySQL Connector/J so that my JDBC can talk to the MySQL database. So far it works like a charm.

I have studied and modified a little bit of code that uses an AbstractTableModel and JTable. This seems to be quite the powerful combinatoin. It is also something that will take a while to learn. Now the world of databases it at my fingertips. Perhaps I shall try to connect to an Oracle database with JDBC as well.