Hot Technology

I read an article that surveyed what technologies Java developers were using. Hey. I want to keep up with the Jones. So I am keeping an eye on the top tech in a number of areas. I write them down here so I don't forget.

JUnit for testing.
Eclipse as your IDE.
MySQL or Oracle for the database.
Hibernate is your ORM.
MongoDB for NoSQL.
Jenkins for CI.
Maven to build.
SonarQube/FindBugs/Checkstyle for code analysis.
Nexus to hold artifacts.
Tomcat app server.
Spring MVC is your web framework.
Scala is your next language.
Java8 is coming up.

Okay. Time to get busy making sure I got these technologies under my belt. You got to work with the best, or at least the most popular. Shout out to the makers of JRebel, who I assume came out with the report ranking the technologies.