JavaOne Contest Dud

Sun Microsystems hosted a contest that turned out sour for me. You had to blog about JavaOne 2009 technical sessions. I did not attend JavaOne. This was not supposed to be a problem as they post the technical sessions online.

I opted to view the JavaOne technical sessions as PDF documents. Sun makes you sign up for their Sun Developer Network (SDN) to view the PDFs. This seemed like a hassle. But it was free so I decided to go through the motions. I created a new account. The directions told me to respond to an e-mail to confirm my address.

Here's the thing. I never received the e-mail. It is bad enough that I had to go through these hoops to access the technical content. But some glitch resulted in the process not working. Yeah I could try again. Why should I? This is going to take some time and might not even work again. My time is worth money. Now I don't want to blog about JavaOne technical info. Fail.