Larry Ellison Drops By

Have you heard the latest news? Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation, dropped by to address the crowd at JavaOne this year. He assured Java developers that Oracle will support Java. There is just one problem with that. Can you trust Larry Ellison? I mean we are not talking about Larry Page here.

I do believe Oracle actually uses Java though. Originally you would code stored procedures in their proprietary PL/SQL programming language. However as the Internet and Java got hot, Oracle added the ability to code stored procs in Java. Nice touch. I still don't trust them.

Scott McNealy, chairman of the Sun Microsystems board of directors, concurred that Oracle has spent a lot of money on Java. In fact he stated that Oracle spends more money on Java than any other company. Perhaps they shall protect their investment. The hard part in buying all this is that the Oracle database is Oracle Corporation's true investment, not the Java programming language.