JBoss Developer Studio

At work I am starting to spend half my time on a new project. It is an effort to create a web version of our system. It will use the same Oracle back end. However the front end will be developed in Java using JBoss Developer Studio.

JBoss Dev Studio is a rebranded Eclipse IDE. I know Java. However I always use a text editor to force me to learn the syntax and member functions of classes I use. So I am not well versed in Eclipse. This is going to be a long learning curve.

One thing I found out is that if you have a workspace open in one instance of JBoss Dev Studio, you cannot open it in another instance. Makes sense I guess. But I fought with that for a while before I figured it out.

I also learned that you may need to refresh your source tree for any changes in packages that your source supports. Go figure. Finally I found that I installed my software in the wrong order. I initially installed JBoss Dev Studio first. It then made me choose a JRE. Then I installed the latest JDK I wanted to use. Unfortunately I had to figure out how to reconfigure JBoss Dev Studio to use the JDK of choice.