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I did a bunch of analysis on my last project. The customer wanted more project management. So another guy on the team had to take over, My boss told me to work on a prototype for some data input screens from a legacy system.

Some of the screens are huge. And they have complex validation logic. I fired up my text editor. Wrote some HTML and JavaScript to get the first screen done. That intro screen was small, but it had a ton of validation.

My boss called me up and checked on my progress. He clarified that he wanted me to use Java, Derby, AngularJS, REST, and JBoss EAP.  He said some acceptable alternatives would be Oracle, HTML5, and Eclipse/Tomcat. I went with his recommendations.

I got JBoss Dev Studio with EAP installed on my new laptop. Then I started going through a tutorial from JBoss called Ticket Monster. I was following a pretty detailed tutorial. Things got vague when I was instructed to deploy the H2 console. Err what?

H2 is an in memory database. I went over to the JBoss Developer Materials page. Downloaded the zip file with the H2 console. Unpacked it and found the "h2console.war" file. Dropped that in the \runtimes\jboss-eap\standalone\deployments folder. Now here I am.