Benefits of Java

Recently I blogged about some people hate Java. However there is another side to the story. For every person who dislikes Java, there are probably 5 who love it. I just read a discussion on what people like most about Java. I found the results to be most interesting.

A key factor in people liking Java is the run anywhere capability. To my surprise, some people also said they liked Java because it is fast. I am not sure if that referred to a fast run-time experience. Or maybe it had to do with rapid application development.

Deployment is easy with Java says some folks. I found that not to be true. However my limited experience with Java may have skewed my feelings. People also love that the libraries are well documented.

Here is something I can appreciate. Java programming makes good money. You can't argue with that. Let's hope this environment is also sustainable. Many programmers know Java. You can write Java code and expect people to be able to maintain the code.

Well there is much more love out there. I will pick up with this list in my next post.