Previously I had written about some benefits of the Java programming language. However some people just love writing code in Java. I have worked with many of these people. They will invent up projects just to write some Java. They work extra hours as long as the app is written in Java. Craziness I tell you.

Well I read up on some reasons why people love Java. One is that there is industry standard certifications you can learn. You can tell whether somebody has a least a little Java knowledge by the certification they possess.

Java is also a popular language. You can always find a Java developer for your project. And you can find some supporters for Java in any group of developers out there. Although I have not personally experienced this, I hear Java gives good conferences.

The Java programming language is easy to learn, especially if you know an object oriented language like C++. It is a general purpose language which can fit many needs. And there is one final reason to love Java that can be summed up in one word - Eclipse. Now I won't say that I love Java just yet. But I am slowly warming up to it. I need to write some enterprise application before the final verdict is in for me.