Don't Be Hatin

I read a whole discussion on why people hate the Java programming language. This was strange. Normally I hear people saying they hate things like C++. Most of the hard core programmers I know actually like Java. So I thought I would expose some of the hate themes.

A common complaint about Java is that it is verbose. I can understand this perspective as the new hot functional languages seem to get a lot done in a one liner. There is also the age old complaint about poor Java based performance.

One particular complaint is one that I share. Java is all about many frameworks. I don't like it because you need to learn all the frameworks before you can call yourself a real Java programmer. The language is also associated with rampant design pattern abuse. Nuff said on that.

Here is something I found odd, and that others hate about Java. You are limited to one class per file. WTF? Shouldn't the programmer be able to make that decision? Another drawback is that you don't produce executables with Java. That is both a love and a hate I would guess. The consensus is that Java is poised to keep the enterprise market locked up. If you work for a big company, or more importantly you work on a big project, chances are you will code in Java.