Java Running on Apple II c

I just heard that a subset of Java can now run on the Apple IIc computer. Bamm. Of course there are some limitations. You need a real Apple II c with the 65C02 microprocessor. That means Apple II e computers don't work with this port.

The good news is that some of Swing is available. No AWT or JDBC is supported yet. The eventual goal is to port all of Java to the Apple. Right now there is also a JDistro available. This is a desktop which is written in Java Swing. JDistro is a limited version too that can only run 1 app at a time.

The whole thing fits on 3 floppies. Source code will be made public. This seems pretty hard core as the Apple II is some hardware from yesteryear. Now we just need Java ported to the Tandy Coco III, and I will be complete.