Java Game Programming

I read a blog post about hiring for startups (or something like that). It was written very well. So I checked out the author's bio. Turns out he was one of the authors of an old book called The Black Art of Java Game Programming. When I say old, I mean it was published in the 1990's for Java 1.0.

Normally books like these get obsolete immediately. And this book seems to have code that became obsolete with Java 1.1. However a number of comments on Amazon indicate the book still has a lot of merits. Well it warrants a read by me even though the book might be 25 years old. I placed an order with Amazon today.

I will let you know what I learn. Things are looking good for my Java development. I took a college class last year. This year I plan to take a week off from work and complete the remaining chapter in my college class textbook. I had though I might learn some more HTML programming (including JavaScript) later this year. However I might change direction and get deeper into Java. If so you will be hearing about it with some more frequent posts on this blog. Stay tuned.