JDBC Drivers

I am using the JDBC technology to access an Oracle database from a Java program. This technology requires you to use one of its drivers to do the access. There are different categories of drivers you can use to access Oracle.

One driver category is a thin driver. It has its own version of SQL*Net. In other words, you do not also need an Oracle client installed on your machine in addition to the driver. This category of driver is written in the Java programming language itself. There is also an OCI category or driver, that uses Oracle's Oracle Call Interface (OCI). The final category is a KPRB driver used for writing stored procedures and triggers in Java.

Besides the categories of drivers, there are also different levels of drivers. The first type is a bridge, where JDBC makes use of ODBC installed on your machine. ODBC is a generic database access technology. Other types are differentiated by whether the drivers themselves are written in Java, and how the SQL code is translated and sent to the database.