SonarJ Architecture Review

We have a relatively new developer on our project. He is a seasoned application developer. So you know he gets down into the trenches of our source code. It is funny how he is disturbed about how many things were done wrong in our system. Many of us know about these problems. But we are too busy or too worried about breaking things to fix them.

There is a new version of a solution called SonarJ that could assist with our problems. It analyzes code and detects your application architectures, and identifies things you have done wrong. You can get a clear view of how bad things are with their metric dashboard.

SonarJ goes even further by projecting the impact of refactoring your code. It does this without disrupting your code baseline. The tool can grab code from your IDE or your build project. And if it was not clear from the name, the tool targets code written in the Java programming language.