Applet Time

In my college Java class, we skipped over most of the information on applets. I wanted to learn more about them though. There was a whole chapter in the text that covered applets. I also have a lot of information on my latest book about applets for game programming in Java.

It is time for me to learn applets. I convinced my employer to let me spend a week in independent study on Java. I need some program to keep me busy to really learn practical applet programming. Initially I thought I would write a copy of an arcade classic such as Pacman. However I think I will need more than a week to get deep into applet programming.

My new plan is to actually try to duplicate the main program we have on our project at work. It is a client/server C++ Windows application that connects to an Oracle database. This might be a good sized program to implement as an applet. The thing is over 2o0k lines of code. This will keep me busy for quite some time. I figure I can work on it in the office, and not get too much attention on my sideline activities.