Window Pane Management

I have been creating buttons that have no text on them. They only have a graphic icon loaded from an image file. I noticed that the button size grows to accommodate larger pictures. This leads to different sized buttons and a messy user interface. There must be a way to keep a uniform button size, shrinking icon images as needed.

Another problem I have is when a control such as a button is invisible. The other controls rearrange during the paint() so as to obscure the position where the invisible control would be. I don't like this reshuffling of the screen when a control goes invisible. There should be a way to reserve space on the screen for a control that may become visible in the future. However this is not the default behavior.

I normally use appletViewer to test out my applets in development. But I found out that this tool only displays the embedded applet in an HTML page. It does not render any of the other HTML elements. Weird.