GlassFish Portfolio

When I started learning Java, I downloaded the JDK from Sun like I assume everyone else did. There was one bundle that came with GlassFish, which is an application server from Sun Microsystems. I opted not to get it.

Sun apparently is releasing more stuff for GlassFish with their GlassFish Portfolio. This is a four piece set of products that are related to GlassFish. Now these products are not for free. I think this is one place where Sun plans to actually make some money.

The GlassFish Portfolio consists of the GlassFish web stack, Enterprise Service Bus, Web Space Server, and Management Toolkit. Before downloading the JDK and seeing the GlassFish option, I had never even heard of GlassFish. I suppose that means that not many people use it. Websphere and Weblogic seem to own the application server market. Perhaps some add-ons like the GlassFish Portfolio may help Sun try to even the gap. Alas they may already be too far behind in the race.