Screen Output

I am writing a game in Java called dL1. And I need to display a two dimensional grid for the user interface. After Googling the subject, I thought I would try to use the Curses library to do the output. There is a JCurses package for Java which seemed easy.

After I got into JCurses, it took a while to get the test code from the package compiled. However I could never get the test to run without aborting with an exception. I only have 7 days to complete my game for a programming contest. So I decided to roll my own graphics code.

This is a monumental task. However I already have an applet which is displaying some text. Now I need to get my vertical and horizontal positioning down. And I also need to learn how to erase graphics on my screen. But at least I have something to show for it. You can see a screen shot of my first try on my Angband blog page.