Java FX Mobile

Sun Microsystems has released Java FX Mobile. It is for development of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Java FX Mobile is based on Java Micro Edition (Java ME). As you would expect, it is similar to the desktop version of Java FX.

Java FX Mobile can run as an applet in a browser, on the desktop, or on a mobile phone. You know it is going to be targeted to mobile phones. However the beauty of it is that it also works elsewhere.

Java FX itself comes with a lot of default behavior built in. That means it should be easy for developers to produce applications which immediately fall back to defaults which work well. This is unlike plain Java, where you need to roll a lot of your own code from scratch.

There is a Java FX software development kit (SDK) available. I know that as soon as I get a handle on Java basics, I am going to want to be trying different frameworks and APIs in the Java world. Perhaps I may take Java FX Mobile for a spin.