Rapid Application Development

I had a little free time at work. So I decided to quickly code up a small application to do some work on Windows. I wanted to showcase this application on the Black of Hat blog.

These days my goal is to write all new applications in Java. This will give me some good practice. However I had some strict requirements for this latest application. It needed to have a graphical user interface. It needed to interact with the Microsoft Windows Registry. Finally it needed to by done quickly.

Unfortunately I fell back to my C++ programming skills. The result was the TaskCtrl program. To tell the truth, I am not sure if Java is even able to update the Microsoft Windows registry. I have the feeling that it cannot modify the state of the file system for security reasons. Therefore I guessed that it could also not deal with the Windows registry.

Who knows? Maybe by the end of the college semester I will be able to write Java programs with graphic users interfaces. And I will be able to knock out the code quickly as well.