Java Platform Bloat

I keep my eyes peeled for any software articles about Java. Recently I read a front page article about Java Enterprise Edition 6 being very bloated. A solution is to wait for the Java Standard Edition 7 to come out. However I get the feeling that Java SE 7 is somehow delayed for a long time.

In the mean time, there is a feature of Java EE 6 called profiles. It allows you to work with a smaller subset of the huge Java EE 6 platform. Unfortunately there is only one profile available. It is the Web Profile bundle. That seems like a useful one. But it would be good if there were a number of profiles readily available.

Luckily the Java Development Kit 7 is supposed to include a feature called modules. It too will allow you to work with a smaller subset of the platform. Right now I only deal with the Java 6 SE. That alone seems large when I query the Java API. I cringe at the thought of working with Java EE 6, which is supposed to be a beast.