Missing Arrays

I am halfway through my college class on Java. There are a number of topics we have not covered yet. Normally that is fine, as we will eventually get to them. However I just entered a programming contest to write a Java game in 7 days. My game will be called dL1.

We have yet to cover packages, arrays, or file input/output. That is a bummer. My game will be on a two dimensional grid. That's where arrays would really come in handy. My plan is to substitute objects that references each other for arrays.

I was hoping to use some third party code to do the actual drawing for my game. So I cannot wait any more. I am reading ahead in my course book to see how to use packages. As of last night, I still had not mastered the topic. I really need to get a move on it. The contest ends in 7 days and I have one Java file which does not compile. May the Force be with me.